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Our printing process is called screen printing. It is an old craft method that has many advantages. One of them is that we can make really large pattern reports, 136 cm wide and a whopping 120 cm high. The sharpness we get in the pattern can rarely be reproduced digitally and it is certainly an extra nice feeling with something that is made by hand.

We work with water-based pigment colors, they do not contain anything on the REACH restriction list, they are approved for both the EU flower, Ökotex Baby and the Swedish "Svanen".

We do not use solvents or extra washing when printing, instead our fabrics are heat-fixed to become washable. We control our production so that it leaves as few traces as possible. We generate extremely little waste. Something we are very proud of.


The colors are printed one by one in every other report, so that the color has time to dry before starting again, after two prints one color is finished, then the process starts over for the next color and so on. Two people are needed, one on each side of the frame, to move the squeegee over the screen cloth and press the paint down onto the fabric. When you have finished printing, it is time to heat-fix the colors. No washing of the fabric is required in our process, which saves a lot of water compared to other techniques. Before delivery, the fabric is manually quality checked one last time.